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Grow Your Following

Boost Your Earning Potential

Level-Up Your Skills

Make Your Own Schedule

Build Up Your Resume and Monetize You

Earn college and career recommendation letters and gain hands-on experience as you get paid to teach kids about your passions and interests - from gaming and technology, to arts, music, and more!


Influence and Inspire Kids from Around the World

Show off your expertise on a range of topics as you teach our growing audience of engaged learners through your on-demand videos on Tract

Elevate Your Edutainment Value

Gain access to one-on-one coaching and mentorship with our team of content pros, advisors, and influencers ready to help you master the skills needed to build, and grow, an engaged digital following.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can become a Traculty Member?

Traculty Members are high school and college students, influencers, and leaders looking to take their content creation and teaching skills to the next level. While teaching experience isn't required, you are expected to have basic video editing and production skills so you can record and rough-edit your own classes.

What type of commitment are Traculty Creators expected to make?

To maintain active Traculty member status, Creators are expected to contribute at least 4 video lessons (each 1 - 4 min in length) per month, and engage regularly with learners on the platform and through Tract's social media channels.

How do Traculty Creators earn revenue?

Active Traculty Creators earn a no-capped flat-fee of $75 for each new class published, along with royalties proportional to how much activity each class generates.

What happens after I apply?

After introducing yourself to the Tract Team with a short video, we'll review and set up a time to meet to answer any questions and help you get ready for publishing content on Tract.

Once you're set up as a Creator, you'll gain access a Tract Creator account, which includes class monetization benefits, ongoing team support, and the ability to engage 1:1 with learners completing your classes. 


Why Do Top Creators Join Tract?

Driven by a passion for sharing knowledge, Tract Faculty Members are student leaders, mentors, and tutors who have taken their content creation and teaching skills to the next level.

"Becoming a "Traculty" member has opened up a world of opportunities for me! I now have a network of people helping me bring my online musical dreams to life, while I get to teach and inspire kids from around the world. "

- Jahkori Hall

Traculty Expert: Theater

+500K on TikTok: @mr.jahko


Monetize Your Talents Through Peer-to-Peer Edutainment

Apply to create on Tract to gain access to the platform as an official Traculty (Tract Faculty) Creator, which includes class monetization and career development perks and benefits




Step one

Step two

Step three

Identify a topic and interest area that you'd like to teach about from our Tractegory interest areas

Apply and introduce yourself to the Tract Team through a short video sharing your passions and talents

Start creating and monetizing your classes with the support of Tract's team of content pros and creatives

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